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Childhood Cancer Survivor Clinic

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  • What is a Childhood Cancer Survivor Clinic?

    The tremendous improvement in overall outcomes in the field of childhood cancer has led the 5-year survival rate to be around 80% or more. This has resulted in a growing population of survivors. The anticancer treatments are known to cause to late side effects which may occur years or even decades later post completion of therapy. Hence there is an increasing focus on the late effects of therapy and quality of childhood cancer survivors.

    What is the Need for such a Clinic?

    It is now well recognized that many survivors of childhood cancer experience late and long term chronic health conditions as a consequence of their cancer treatment. Approximately, 2 of every 3 survivors experience at least one late effect; and 40% may develop a “severe, disabling, or life-threatening condition” 30 year safter can cerdiagnosis

    What are the Goals of Clinic?

    The main objective of the ACT clinic is to monitor the late effects of cancer therapy and counselling the survivors on Psychological aspects and to constructively help them lead productive life after cancer by addressing the following issues:

    • Growth, development & sexual maturation of survivors
    • Late effects of therapy
    • Fertility issues
    • Addressing the psychosocial issues
    • Treatment related organ dysfunction
    • Adjustment and rehabilitation in society

    It has strong focus and offers comprehensive check-up once a year with detailed consultation with a Pediatric oncologist and a Pediatric psychologist. This clinical will go through detailed medical history of the survivor and will provide a detailed report depending upon the treatment they have received.

    Who Will Come to the Clinic?

    This clinic is about childhood cancer survivors. The survivors of childhood cancer once they complete their anticancer therapy, will be eligible for getting enrolled in a clinic. If you are a childhood cancer survivor, it is important to have a long term follow up with the health professional. There is no upper age limit for the childhood cancer survivors for getting enrolled in the clinic.

    Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre Childhood Cancer Survivor Clinic?

    We at RFH are sensitive to our survivors and highly value our great warriors. Their well-being is our utmost goal. At RFH, survivor clinic is a one stop clinic for the childhood cancer patients who have suffered from life threatening condition and have recovered from it. It will advise the survivors to live a healthy life style and avoid certain risk factors to minimize the late effects of therapy, depending on their medical history. This clinic will also give an opportunity to the survivors to be vocal about various issues clinical as well as non-clinical for better adjustment and rehabilitation in society and peer groups. The detailed report will be given to the survivor based on medical history, physical examination and experts consultations. It will inform the individual about expected side effects, ways to minimise the risks and annual check history.

    RFH would like to make sure that their precious warriors never feel alone in the journey of life.


Partners in care

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Dr. Shweta Bansal
MBBS, DNB Paediatrics
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Ms. Priyanka Gera Puri

Ms. Priyanka Gera Puri
Child Psychology
Ph.D. [Child Psychology]
Call us Call us on 022-61305000