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DNB Programmes

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Bone Marrow Transplant
The Diplomate National Board degree (DNB)

The DNB programme was initiated in Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital from the year 2017, 2 years after inauguration of the new hospital.

The National Board of Exams (NBE) is an educational board dealing with medical postgraduate teaching programme at a national level. It was introduced to aim at a unified teaching programme across the country, apart from the various state-restricted medical boards.

The Board has postgraduate programmes in Broad Specialties as well as Super-specialties. Our hospital has a combination of the two, across various faculties. Students from every corner of the country apply for the same, after qualifying through a common NEET exam, held annually. Based on their ranking, students opt for various institutes. Better the teaching programme, better the stipend and facilities, increase the chances of high ranking students seeking admission with the institute.

Students are a rich source for potential scientists, researchers and affiliations to the hospital. They have already spent considerable time to undergo structured education and training and have been groomed to our institute’s values, so form potential candidates to be absorbed into our system for growth and development of our departments and strengthen the clinical and academic pillars of our hospital.

Our Hospital is accredited and recognized for the following NBE courses–
  • 2/3 year courses in Broad specialties of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Pathology and Anaesthesia
  • 3 year super specialty courses in Gastroenterology, Neurology, Cardiology, Critical Care, Oncosurgery, Cardiothoracic surgery
National Board of Examinations - Diplomate of National Board (DNB) Programme
Sr. No Speciality Course Senior Consultant Annual Intake
Broad Specialities
1 General Surgery Dr.Paresh Jain
Dr.Abhijit Thakur
Dr.Soumil Vyas
2 Orthopaedics Dr.Vaibhav Bagaria
Dr.Arjun Dhawale
1 Primary
1 Secondary
3 Radiology Dr.Karthik Ganesan 
Dr.Himanshu Chaudhary
Dr Rochan Pant
Dr.Somesh Lala
2 Primary
2 Secondary
4 Pathology Dr.Anjana Hosangdi
Dr.Srikanth Gharpure
Dr.Joyce Regi
Dr.Archana Vazifdar
1 Primary
1 Secondary
5 Anaesthesia Dr.Hemant Mehta
Dr.Harvesp Panthaky
Dr.Vidya Deshmukh
Dr.Sheetal Shah
Dr.Swati Daftary
Dr.Daisy Johki
Dr.Jueeli Barpande
Dr.Disha Kapadia
2 Primary
2 Secondary
6 Emergency Medicine Dr.Mehul Shah
Dr.Ketan Kargirwar
Dr.Tapas Mandal
2 Primary
2 Secondary
7 Family Medicine (OBGY/Paed/IM) Dr.Sameer Gaggar
Dr.Ashwin Shetty
4 Primary
4 Secondary
8 Paediatrics Dr.Rahul Verma
Dr.Kiran Sathe
2 Primary
2 Secondary
Super Specialities
9 Critical Care Dr.Mayur Patel
Dr.Darshana Rathod
10 Surgical Oncology Dr.Vijay Haribakti
Dr.Marzi Mehta
11 Cardiology Dr.Manoj Mushru
Dr.Maulik Parekh
12 Cardio Thoracic Surgery Dr.Bipeenchandra Bhamre
Dr.Shiva Prakash K
Dr.Asif Shaikh
13 Gasteroenterology Dr.Chetan Bhatt
Dr.Harshad Joshi
Dr.Shobna Bhatia
14 Neurology Dr.Arun Shah
Dr.Manish Chabbria

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
Fellowship courses

Sr. No Speciality Course Seats alloted
1 Body Imaging CT 2
2 Non Invasive Cardiology 2
3 Joint Replacement Surgery 1
4 Spine Surgery 1

Fee Structure for all DNB trainees is as applicable and set by the National Board of Examinations for that year. No Additional fees shall be borne by the trainee.