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Patients’ Rights & Responsibilities

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Patient Rights:
  • Right to considerate & respectful care
  • Right to seek an additional opinion regarding clinical care
  • Right to receive necessary information to give informed consent
  • Right to refusal of treatment & be informed of the medical consequences of the same
  • Right to access his / her own clinical records
  • Right to information & education on care plan, progress & healthcare needs
  • Right to know the identity of individual providing care
  • Right to privacy & confidentiality
  • Right to raise a grievance & redressal of the same
  • Right to respect any special preference, spiritual & cultural need
  • Right to protection from neglect & abuse
  • Right to know the expected cost of the treatment
  • Right to know the Hospital’s rules & regulations.
Patient Responsibilities:
  • Provide complete & accurate information about his / her identity & medical condition
  • Provide the correct contact information for next-of-kin, family members or contact persons who would be contacted in case of any emergency
  • To follow the prescribed treatment plan & seek clarifications in case of any doubt
  • Not to take any medication without the knowledge of the doctor & healthcare professionals
  • Keep any scheduled appointments & inform the hospital if any appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Respect the rights of other patients, hospital employees & property
  • Respect that patients requiring emergency care take priority
  • Not to smoke, chew tobacco or consume alcohol in the hospital premises
  • Provide necessary information to the insurance company to process insurance claims
  • Pay the hospitals bills on time
  • To follow the Hospital’s rules & regulations.
To provide any feedback or voice a concern, write to rfh.ceo@rfhospital.org
You can also contact our Patient Relations Executive / Duty Manager / Floor Nurse Manager for registering the same