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We at Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre believe in Patient & family centred care. Adequate facilities and arrangements have been made for relatives and friends visiting the patient.

Visiting Hours:
  • Each patient will be issued one attendant pass and two visitor’s passes.
  • One attendant can stay with the patient 24X7 on the attendant pass.
  • Visitors will be allowed only during the visiting hours.
  • Inpatient rooms: 5.00pm-7.00pm
  • ICU : 8am - Revised timings are 11am -12pm & 5pm-7.00pm
  • Visitor’s Lounges are located on all inpatient floors.
  • Kiosks are located across the hospital providing information about hospital services , consultants & way finders
  • Visitor’s Cafeteria is located on Ground Floor, Heritage. It is open 24X7, visitors are welcome.
  • Parking available on first come first serve basis


Do’s & Dont’s:
  • Please keep noise to a minimum to avoid inconvenience to other patients & relatives.
  • Visitor’s Lounges are for the use of multiple visitors; please be respectful of others while using these spaces.
  • In the interest of patient's health, do not visit with an infectious disease, such as a cold or flu. We encourage you to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands often to keep family safe.
  • Children below 12 years of age not allowed to visit the patient.
  • Flowers and outside food are not permitted to control infection.
  • Cell phones are prohibited in some areas. Ask your nurse if you have questions about using your cell phone




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