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STROKE SUPPORT GROUP- Key to a Successful Recovery!
Suffering from a kidney disorder or know someone who is?

From chronic kidney diseases, kidney failure, kidney transplant to urological disorders, get answers & support here. The exchange of information & patient-to-patient interaction that occurs within a support group plays a vital role in the lives of kidney patients & caregivers.

Please join us :

Every Saturday, 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Conference Room 1, Level 1, Kapol Niwas

Our highly qualified & dynamic team of Kidney specialists & Urologists will conduct these support group meetings.

We believe in informed patient care, hence in addition to the weekly support group meetings we would also from time-to-time share patient stories & testimonials, which will benefit & motivate patients & caregivers.

  • Spread awareness about kidney diseases & educate communities, to prevent kidney diseases
  • Give a practical know-how about kidney transplantation so as to simplify the process for a patient & his/her family
  • Educate lay people regards urological issues like prostate, renal stones etc.

These workshops are designed for one & all and will give a platform to patients and their caregivers to interact freely with our team of experts to help them cope with the illness of their loved ones.

Our team has planned a variety of topics relevant to kidney disease prevention, care of chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and transplantation. Urological issues like urinary tract infections, prostatic issues, kidney stones, incontinence will also be covered.

Please follow this section for details regarding the schedule, venue and the topics.


Schedule for July 2017 is as below
  • 15th July - Kidney stones - what should a patient know
  • 22nd July - Kidney transplantation - what should a patient know
  • 29th July - How to cope with end stage kidney disease - dialysis & transplantation
  • 05th August - Prostate issues - a practical know how
  • 12th August - End stage kidney disease - transplantation
  • 19th August - End stage kidney disease - dialysis
  • 26th August - Chronic kidney disease - what to do